Who we are

2Clarkia.com is owned and managed by Wendy and Winnifred as part of their company KLM Management Services, with Wendy standing in as permanent host.

Your hosting team (directors and owners)

Wendy Lloyd (permanent host at 2Clarkia)
Most of my business career has been in printing, photolithography, and later in the IT sector where I looked after an international marketing portal. I also own a small alternative healing studio doing Reflexology and Reiki.

My garden, ducks, geese and cat keep me busy and my love for cooking has led to numerous experiments with drying, pickling or bottling the season’s products. I also dabble in beer and liqueur making. I love to gather with my friends for wine tasting or food and wine pairing.

Winnifred Knight (visiting host from Johannesburg)
I have been in marketing and communications for most of my life and started my career when I ran away to school at the age of four. A green finger fanatic, I created my own veggie gardens to fund my passion for traveling and a wholesome life (as Thomas Hoblyn said, “The act and art of gardening nurtures the soul”). 

I’m a gatherer and sharer of knowledge and possess a fierce entrepreneurial spirit. I’m semi-retired and enjoy showing you a more authentic and immersive way to experience our part of the country, city and village.

Both Wendy and I interact in a more meaningful way with our guests so that you benefit from the best restaurant recommendations, interesting and our favourite wine farms and must-do-activities, something you might never get to do if you stayed in a hotel.

We are both avid travellers and understand what is expected from our visiting guests.