Durbanville interests

Durbanville is a residential village in the Western Cape province of South Africa, and part of the greater City of Cape Town metropolitan area. Situated on the northern outskirts of the metropolis, it is surrounded by farms producing wine and wheat.

Founded in the early 19th century around a fresh water spring and primarily used as a watering station for travellers between Cape Town and the interior, it grew rapidly after the turn of the 19th century.

Today, Durbanville is one of the Western Cape’s key areas with a booming wine industry, and numerous mountain biking and hiking trails, many of which meander through the hills and the vineyards. Durbanville also boasts a small airfield from which one can enjoy aerial tours of the West Coast and Peninsula.

Founded in 1967, Durbanville Golf Club has established a firm reputation for camaraderie and sportsmanship, earning it the fond accolade The Jewel of the North.

Durbanville is home to very many talented artists. Their works of art are placed in interesting locations, ranging from galleries, coffee shops and on wine farms. Hunting them down is all the fun.

  • Wine Farms in Durbanville

    Distance from venue: 11 km (16 min)

    Wine Farms in Durbanville

    Discover Durbanville Wine Valley The Durbanville Wine Valley may not be as well known as Franschhoek or Stellenbosch, however the 12 estates which make up the route offer a range […]

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  • Restaurants


    Durbanville boasts some excellent restaurants, some focus on locally-produced ingredients. Most of the wine farms have restaurants and we have added some pubs and specialised restaurant to our favourite list. […]

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  • Durbanville Reserves and Parks

    Distance from venue: 4,6 km (8 min)

    Durbanville Reserves and Parks

    Our nature reserves and parks protect and conserve our city’s natural areas and biodiversity heritage. Cape Town is unique due to its high concentration of local flora and fauna species, […]

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  • Visit our Art Galleries

    Visit our Art Galleries

    If you’re more into art than biking, or prefer a paint brush over golf clubs, try some of our local art venues. Durbanville is home to many many talented artists.  […]

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  • Durbanville Golf Course

    Distance from venue: 1,5 km (3 min)

    Durbanville Golf Course

    Known for its friendly staff and inviting atmosphere, the club extends a special welcome to visitors. It boasts a well-stocked Proshop with golf cars, carts and clubs available for hire. […]

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